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Sinfotech presenta Contact Hunter  il nuovo servizio di statistiche avanzate dedicato alle B2B  in grado di scoprire tutte le aziende che visitano il vostro sito
Contact Hunter is more than a statistics service: not only can it monitor the flow of visits in terms of numbers, but also identifies the companies that visit your website.

This new application of smart statistics and analysis provides detailed information about your visitors (company description, address, phone number, etc., etc. ). Moreover, Contact Hunter shows the visitor’s interest in a product rather than another.

Contact Hunter will email you a daily report with the names of the companies which visited your websites in the previous 24 hours. So, you’ll have a list of contacts that are looking for your services/products.

You just have to get in touch with the interested contacts and make them a special offer for the product/service they looked at.

With online marketing campaigns, the average conversion rate is less than 1%. With Contact Hunter you can identify the remaining 99%.

This way, you can quickly create a database of potential customers, ready to be contacted.

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